{Suitable energy storage in Off-Grid systems}

Title{Suitable energy storage in Off-Grid systems}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKubalik P, Misak S, Stuchly J, Vramba J, Uher M
Conference Name2014 14th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, EEEIC 2014 - Conference Proceedings
ISBN Number9781479946617
Keywordsanalysis, Batterystorage, capacity, Ni-Cd, Off-Grid system, OPzS, power energy
AbstractOff-Grid systems are used in remote areas, hamlets, caravans, chalets, which are far from the grid, or if the connection was very difficult and economically costly. Such systems operate independently without external power. As a source of power energy are used photovoltaic and small wind power plants installed capacities to generate electricity for their own use. The produced power energy is accumulated in the accumulator. Therefore, the batteries are one of the most important and most expensive part of the Off -Grid system and it is necessary to take into account in the design. The price of batteries is approximately 50{%} of all costs on an Off -Grid system.