{Stability evaluation of a DC micro-grid and future interconnection to an AC system}

Title{Stability evaluation of a DC micro-grid and future interconnection to an AC system}
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSanchez S, Molinas M, Degano M, Zanchetta P
JournalRenewable Energy
Date Publishedfeb
KeywordsDroop control, Microgrids, renewable energy, Smart grids, Stability
AbstractAbstract This paper presents the stability analysis of a DC micro-grid fed by renewable sources and the future interconnection with an AC micro-grid. This interconnection is realized through a voltage source converter, and the operation of the micro-grid is in island mode. The stability is analyzed by the Nyquist criteria with the impedance relation method. The frequency response of the models was obtained by the injection of a perturbation current at the operation point. Where this perturbation was at the input of the converter used to export power from the DC grid. Other perturbation was applied at the node of the micro-grid to evaluate its impedance. Finally the simulations show the impedance representation of the systems, and the stability for the interconnection of them. The experimental verification shows the impedance of the converter with the same tendency as the representation obtained by the analytical and simulation.