Soft-switched PWM converter with inductive DC filter

TitleSoft-switched PWM converter with inductive DC filter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsLeonardi F, Rossetto L, Scandellari A, Speranza R, Tomasin P, Tenti P, Divan DM
Conference NameIndustry Applications, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0093-9994 VO - 31
KeywordsAC motor drives, AC motors, AC-DC power convertors, AC/DC power converter, Active filters, active power filters, Analog-digital conversion, applications, capabilities, Circuit testing, current-fed inverters, Energy storage, forced-commutated PWM rectifiers, inductive DC filter, inductive energy storage, inductive loads, load (electric), magnet power supplies, Magnetic separation, network synthesis, performance, power filters, Power supplies, Pulse width modulation converters, Pulse width modulation inverters, PWM power convertors, Rectifiers, soft-switched PWM converter, switching circuits, Switching converters, Switching frequency, thyristor convertors
AbstractThis paper presents a soft-switched AC/DC power converter structure, useful for current-fed inverters and forced-commutated PWM rectifiers with inductive loads. Typical applications are high-power AC motor drives, magnet power supplies and active power filters with inductive energy storage. As compared to hard-switched power converters, the proposed solution calls for some increase of the circuit complexity, but provides improved input and output performances due to the higher switching frequency. Further improvements are ensured by proper control of the commutation process. Actual power converter capabilities are demonstrated by experimental results