Optimum PWM pattern for a three-phase boost DCM PFC rectifier

TitleOptimum PWM pattern for a three-phase boost DCM PFC rectifier
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsZhang R, Lee FC
Conference NameProc. IEEE APEC’97
ISBN NumberVO - 2
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, Circuits, constant-duty-cycle control, Costs, discontinuous conduction mode, Functional analysis, harmonic distortion, harmonic injection, Inductors, input current total harmonic distortion, optimisation, Optimization methods, optimization problem, optimum PWM pattern, power electronics, power factor correction, Power harmonic filters, Power system harmonics, Pulse width modulation, PWM power convertors, Rectifiers, rectifying circuits, space vector analysis, switching, three-phase boost rectifier, Voltage control
AbstractA lot of effort has been devoted to improving the input current THD of a three-phase single-switch boost discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) power factor correcting (PFC) rectifier. However, there is no explicit answer to the question of what the optimum solution is. In this paper, a new optimization rule is proposed by using space vector analysis. Instead of being based on a cumbersome mathematical derivation, the proposed method relies on a good insight to the optimization problem. It is interesting to observe that at each time instant, by varying the duty cycle, only current vector length can be changed, while the current vector angle is solely dictated by the voltage transfer ratio. The current vector angle error sets the upper limits to the optimization. The resultant optimum PWM pattern shows improved input current THD over both constant-duty-cycle control and the 6th-harmonic-injected PWM, although the latter is very close to the optimum solution