A novel current-control method for three-phase PWM AC/DC voltage-source converters

TitleA novel current-control method for three-phase PWM AC/DC voltage-source converters
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsKomurcugil H, Kukrer O
ISBN Number0278-0046 VO - 46
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, Analog-digital conversion, Automatic generation control, automatic voltage control, closed loop systems, closed-loop system, command signal, current-control method, DC reference voltage, electric current control, Error correction, error voltage, input line current amplitude, output DC voltage, PI control, power factor, proportional and integral gains, Proportional control, proportional plus integral controller, Pulse width modulation, Pulse width modulation converters, PWM power convertors, sinusoidal line currents, Stability, Stability analysis, three-phase PWM AC/DC voltage-source converters, Transient response, two-term control, unity power factor, Voltage control
AbstractThis paper presents a novel current-control-based control strategy, obtained in stationary frame, for a three-phase pulsewidth-modulated AC/DC voltage-source converter. In this control strategy, an error voltage is produced from the comparison of the output DC voltage with a DC reference voltage. This error voltage is then utilized by a proportional plus integral controller to generate a command signal for the input line current amplitude and is automatically controlled to the desired value. Therefore, there is no need to measure the input line currents. Stability analysis of the closed-loop system is made, and the stability region for proportional and integral gains which makes the operating point stable is also found. The resulting closed-loop system not only exhibits good transient response, but also provides sinusoidal line currents and unity power factor, both in the rectifying and regenerating modes. Experimental results are presented and compared with simulations