{New space-vector control strategies for three-phase step-up/down AC/DC converter}

Title{New space-vector control strategies for three-phase step-up/down AC/DC converter}
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsPan C-T, Shieh J-J
ISBN Number0278-0046 VO - 47
KeywordsAC-DC power convertors, Analog-digital conversion, Circuit topology, DC part control, DC-DC power converters, deadtime circuit, equivalent DC duty cycle, Guidelines, Pulse width modulation converters, short circuit avoidance, single-stage step-up/down AC/DC converter, Space vector pulse width modulation, space-vector control strategies, Switches, switching circuits, Switching converters, three-phase AC part control, three-phase step-up/down AC/DC converter, Voltage, Voltage control, zero-voltage space vectors
AbstractIn this paper, an equivalent DC duty cycle for the generalized zero-voltage space vectors is proposed such that control of the three-phase AC part and the DC part of the converter circuit can be integrated to achieve the ideal characteristic of single-stage step-up/down AC/DC converter. Depending upon how many modes are chosen and which class of generalized zero-voltage space vectors is selected to increase the equivalent DC duty cycle, different control strategies can be obtained. It is seen that not only the control of the six switches is simplified but also the deadtime circuit for avoiding short circuit of the same arm can be eliminated for the proposed converter. In addition, some guidelines for selecting the LC parameters are described briefly and experimental results given for verifying the validity of the proposed converter