Forthcoming smart DC nano-grid for green buildings—A reflective vision

TitleForthcoming smart DC nano-grid for green buildings—A reflective vision
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSHWEHDI MH, Aqil MAAl
JournalInternational Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy
KeywordsGrid-wise architecture council's (GWAC), Home energy management, Home network, Intelligent devices, Nano- grid, Smart meter, Zero net energy (ZNE)
AbstractMany small scale renewable generators generate low voltage DC power. AC main networks are supplied from costly and inefficient power convertors. Ultimately, energy produced from renewable resources is delivered to a DC load. The proposed solution in this paper concentrates on omitting the usage of costly and inefficient power converters in feeding DC networks, links, and devices from DC power supplies. The smart home consists of a home area network with a smart meter and intelligent devices. However, Wireless nodes are used to control and manage smart homes through intelligent and efficient algorithms. Such algorithm will be developed to control loads during peak hours, to interconnect smart meters and intelligent devices and power flow of loads. The total load of the building will be categorized and managed. Intelligent devices are connected to each load, monitoring and controlling the power flow individually. These intelligent devices can communicate with the smart meter, so that the load is controlled during peak hours based on the decision made by the algorithms.