Dynamic performance of an HVDC quasi 24-pulse series tapping station

TitleDynamic performance of an HVDC quasi 24-pulse series tapping station
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsArabi S, Tarnawecky MZ, Iravani MR
Conference NamePower Delivery, IEEE Transactions on
ISBN Number0885-8977 VO - 3
KeywordsBipole II, Bridge circuits, DC harmonics, DC power transmission, Differential equations, digital simulation, HVDC quasi 24-pulse series tapping station, HVDC transmission, Nelson River HVDC system, power convertors, Power generation economics, Power harmonic filters, Power system dynamics, Power system harmonics, Reactive power, Signal analysis, small-signal analysis, Voltage, weak AC system
AbstractThe dynamic performance of quasi-24-pulse series tapping with a weak AC system is investigated. A small-signal analysis of the scheme is presented and the controls are optimized. Other applications as well as the effect of the location of the tap on the DC harmonics entering the DC line sections are discussed. Digital simulation studies are performed on a 10% tap assumed in the Bipole II of the Nelson River HVDC system. The simulation results support the theoretical results and indicate satisfactory performance of the scheme in response to various disturbances in the system