{DC microgrid based distribution power generation system}

Title{DC microgrid based distribution power generation system}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsIto Y, Zhongqing Y, Akagi H
Conference NamePower Electronics and Motion Control Conference, 2004. IPEMC 2004. The 4th International
ISBN Number7560518699
AbstractThis paper describes an autonomous-control method for a DC microgrid system having distribution power generators. This system consists of following five generation and control units; a solar-cell generation unit, a wind-turbine generation unit, a battery energy-storage unit, a flywheel power-leveling unit, and an AC grid-connected power control unit. The proposed control method intended for suppression of circulating current detects only the DC grid voltage. Each unit could be controlled autonomously without communicating each other. This method brings high reliability, high-flexibility and maintenance-free operation to the system. Experimental results from a 10 kW-prototype system verify the validity and effectiveness of the proposed control method.