Autotransformer configurations to enhance utility power quality of high power AC/DC rectifier systems

TitleAutotransformer configurations to enhance utility power quality of high power AC/DC rectifier systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsEnjeti PN, Choi S, Pitel IJ
Conference NameParticle Accelerator Conference, 1995., Proceedings of the 1995
ISBN NumberVO - 3
KeywordsAC power quality, AC-DC power convertors, Analytical models, autotransformer, autotransformers, Current supplies, Harmonic analysis, harmonic current, high current DC power supply, high power twelve-pulse AC/DC rectifier, IEEE 519, Inductors, interphase reactor tabs, kVA capacity, power quality, Power supplies, power supplies to apparatus, power supply quality, Power system harmonics, Pulse transformers, Pulsed power supplies, pulsed power technology, Rectifiers, rectifying circuits, utility interface
AbstractIn this paper new autotransformer arrangements with reduced kVA capacities are presented for harmonic current reduction and to improve AC power quality of high current DC power supplies. A twelve-pulse AC to DC rectifier is proposed employing only 0.18P0 (pu) transformer kVA. The 5th and 7th harmonics are absent in the utility line currents. Further it is shown that conventional 12-pulse operation can be increased to 24 pulse with the introduction of tabs on the interphase reactor. Analysis and Simulation of the proposed schemes confirm the cancellation of lower order harmonics. Several example implementations of the proposed schemes for high current DC power supplies are shown. All of the above schemes provide clean power utility interface and complies with IEEE 519 recommended practices