AC vs. DC distribution: A loss comparison

TitleAC vs. DC distribution: A loss comparison
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsStarke MR, Tolbert LM, Ozpineci B
ISBN NumberVO -
KeywordsAC distribution, AC transmission, Analog-digital conversion, Costs, DC distribution, DC power systems, DC-DC power converters, distribution networks, Fuel cells, losses, photovoltaic cells, Photovoltaic systems, power distribution, Power supplies, power system modeling, power systems, Propagation losses, transmission networks
AbstractEnvironmentally friendly technologies such as photovoltaics and fuel cells are DC sources. In the current power infrastructure, this necessitates converting the power supplied by these devices into AC for transmission and distribution which adds losses and complexity. The amount of DC loads in our buildings is ever-increasing with computers, monitors, and other electronics entering our workplaces and homes. This forces another conversion of the AC power to DC, adding further losses and complexity. This paper proposes the use of a DC distribution system. In this study, an equivalent AC and DC distribution system are compared in terms of efficiency.